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Trailer covered in SERVPRO Logo

That's a Wrap!

Check out our latest SERVPRO trailer that has been wrapped to match our business. If you see us around town, be sure to honk and say hello! 

Male SERVPRO Employee standing next to child at an event

CASA of the Coastal Bend's Ringing of the Bells

Yesterday evening the SERVPRO team went out to the Ringing of the Bells event hosted by CASA of the Coastal Bend! CASA of the Coastal Bend’s mission is to advocate for the best interest of children in Nueces and Aransas County foster care. To learn more about their mission please click here.

Mold surrounding a window on wall

Mold Growth in Corpus Christi East Home

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East provides 24-hour emergency service. As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, we are dedicated to responding faster to any size disaster. Our Corpus Christi based team has the expertise, training and fleet/equipment to handle your cleaning and restoration challenges. We’re locally owned and operated and can respond immediately to your residential or commercial mold damage. If you experience water, fire, smoke or mold damage in the Corpus Christi East area, call us at (361) 985-6444 for a fast response.

Owner, Left, Tom, with Local High School Cheerleader holding SERVPRO Sign


SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East's Owner, Tom, had the pleasure to meet with Hailey, a local high school cheerleader with the Moody Cheer squad.  Sponsoring Hailey and the team allows them to be involved on campus year round as well as participate in community service events. Go Trojans!

SERVPRO employee taking insulation out of the wall

Drywall Removal in Corpus Christi East

Call SERVPRO when your Corpus Christi East home has a water damage emergency. We are locally owned and operated, ready 24/7, and Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East has the training, state-of-the-art equipment, and water damage experience to restore your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

CC BOMA Golf Outing

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East enjoying a beautiful day at North Shore with CC BOMA. 

CC BOMA Golf Outing

Thank you CC BOMA for hosting another great gold outing. 

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East is ready for whatever happens.


SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East is always ready for any size disaster. Our vans and trucks are equipped for fire, water, or carpet cleaning job. Don't hesitate in giving us a call today. 

Water damage

This is the aftermath of water damage in a large commercial building. There was significant water damage on several floors of the building. Our hardworking staff was able to help make this disaster, "Like it never even happened."

Commercial water damage

This was the result of a hotel guest hanging a hanger on the sprinkler head of their hotel room. Our fast and friendly staff was on-site in hours and was able to help prevent further damage. SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East is faster to any disaster.

Water damage

This water damage was the result of a water leak. SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East was fast on-site and was able to help prevent any further damage that could have potentially caused mold. 

House Fire Damage

This was the result of a house fire that started in the kitchen and made its way into the living room area. There was damage throughout the home including the bathrooms and bedrooms, but we make disasters, "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage

There was a significant amount of water damage due to a storm that came through and left this property with a ceiling full of water. 

Commercial fire damage

This was the aftermath of a fire in a local convenience store. Unfortunately, there was a significant amount of smoke and soot damage in front of the store.  

House Fire

This was the unfortunate aftermath of a house fire that left soot in the bathroom and throughout the house. SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East was able to help make this disaster, "Like it never even happened."

Stormy & Blaze

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East is ready for this hurricane season! 

Harmful Waste

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East has the proper biohazard container to discard harmful waste. Contact us today at (361) 985-6444 for any of your biohazard needs we are ready to help.

Disinfectant With The Best!

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East only uses the best disinfectant to serve you. Don't hesitate to contact us today at (361)-985-6444. We are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Always Hero Ready!

We are stocking up on SERVPRO Airmax Air Movers in our warehouse located in Corpus Christi. SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East is, "Always Hero Ready!" Contact us today for your restoration needs.

SERVPRO in Action!

We have been working 24/7, helping local businesses and homes recover from the rain damage we have been experiencing this past week! We won't stop til all every water damage home is restored.

Equipment for Water Damage

Here at SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East we have the right equipment to handle your water damage. Air movers, dehumidifiers and moisture reading equipment are needed to dry a structure effectively.  All of our technicians are IICRC certified in water damage restoration.

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East Handles Fires

Fires can happen for numerous reasons including cooking fires, faulty electrical wires, and unattended candles. No matter what the cause, SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East knows how to mitigate them all, so call us if a fire damages your home or office

Water Damage Remediation

When your Corpus Christi home has water damage from flooding or leaks, we have the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. The water removal and water cleanup process is completed by our highly-trained technicians who will document the drying process. This validates that your property has been dried properly and thoroughly

Storm Planning

A few steps can be taken to prepare for an upcoming storm. Ensure that all supplies needed have been collected. Stock the home and vehicle with all needed supplies. Create an emergency plan if needed. Avoid Flooded Areas: Take precautions before, during, and after a flood. Prepare to Evacuate: Never ignore an evacuation order. 

Mold Containment

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East is a licensed Mold Remediation Company, and has 2 licensed Mold Remediation Contractors on staff. In the picture above, containment was set up prior to the remediation and mold protocol was followed for the removal.

Do and Donts When Fire Occurs

“Cooking fires happen on the stove top, oven, microwave, grills, hot plates, deep fryer, and duct exhaust fans, just to name a few. But a whopping 59 percent of kitchen fires start on the stove top, according to NFPA statistics, with ovens coming in a very distant second.  Once the fire starts there are a couple of Dos and Don’ts:

  • DO turn off the heat source, if able to.
  • DO try to remove oxygen from the fire.
  • DON’T try to put water on it, if it is a grease fire.
  • DON’T attempt to clean anything without first consulting your SERVPRO professional technician.

SERVPRO's Historic Customer Service

SERVPRO has been a company since 1967, and continues everyday with the same values. We understand how stressful of a situation it may be whenever we are called upon. That's why we work together to ensure that we remove the stress of any water, fire or mold damage in your home or business. 

Dangers of Wet Carpet

The sooner you start cleaning up after water damage, the sooner you can stop mold from growing under your carpet. SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East is specialized in water remediation and we have the right products to handle such a job.

Mold Remediation

This building was affected with heavy moisture due to a tenant leaving for a trip and leaving the air conditioning unit off. Over time this moisture affected the ceiling, the interior walls and the carpet. 

The Cause of Mold Growth

Mold in air vents most commonly occur when there is moisture inside the duct work. As cool air flows through the vents on hot days, the moisture in the air can condense inside the air vent. 

Fire Damage Clean Up

A fire in this home quickly destroyed the roof and left the inside of the home a complete mess. The longer the smoke lingers the tougher the clean up. 

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East is here to help. Give us a call 361-985-6444,

  • 24-hour Emergency Service  
  • Faster to Any Size Disaster
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Highly Trained Fire Damage Technicians 

SERVPRO visits local State Farm office

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East had the opportunity to visit a local State Farm agent. The visit was made memorable with some cool custom made Agent Bitmoji succulents. The agents loved the plants! WE enjoy giving back to our local community. 

Water Damage Preparedness

Every hour spent cleaning water damage to your business is an hour of lost revenue. We offer fast, 24-hr emergency services, 365 days/year. Call SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East right away!

Mold Remediation

Besides causing a major business interruption, a mold problem can present a serious health risk for people exposed at your commercial property. Mold infestations can be caused by minor water intrusions, like a slow roof leak or loose plumbing fitting. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. If you suspect your property has a mold problem, call  SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East, who will respond quickly and work fast to manage the situation.

Soot Damage

Leftover smoke and soot following a fire are more than just smelly and unsightly. Exposure during fire restoration efforts can adversely affect your health. Good thing you have your local SERVPRO here to remove any evidence of that fire.

Our products

The products we use are of the highest quality which ensures that the job gets done in a safe fashion. Here at SERVPRO we are using the most updated cleaning chemicals to be efficient. 

SERVPRO of Corpus Christi East equipment

Our updated equipment ensures that we perform any job with maximum efficiency. The equipment is constantly being updated which allows for us to always have the best type of equipment. 

Our Fleet

The fleet that is ready for any disaster. No job to big nor to small. Having multiple work trucks, and vans allows us to always have enough transportation to get to any job at any time.